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  • Specifications
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Operating Weight 5,900 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.12-0.28 m³
Engine Yanmar 4TNV94L
Gross Power 39 kW (52.3 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Power 36.1 kW (48.4 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Peak Torque 211.7 N•m @ 1,320 rpm
Travel Speed High:3.9 km/h 
Low: 2.5 km/h
Drawbar Pull 51 kN
Swing Speed 9.2 rpm
Arm Breakout Force, max, ISO 31 kN
Bucket Breakout Force, max, ISO 41 KN
Maximum Dig Depth 3,875 mm
Reach at Ground Level 6,065 mm
Depth of 8’ Level Bottom 3,450 mm
Maximum Dig Height 5,790 mm
Dump Height 4,135 mm
Maximum Dig Depth of Vertical Wall 2,940 mm
Overall Lenth 5,900 mm
Overall Width 1,900 mm
Overall Height 2,630 mm
  • Engine
      Yanamar engine with higher power than the competition.
      Low speed and high torque promote overall work efficiency.
      Low fuel consumption and reliable performance leads to low cost of ownership.
      Easy to maintain
  • Cabin
      1The cab provides a wide range of vision in a comfortable, ergonomic operating space, with adjustable seating, adjustable levers, climate control and much more.
      2Cab width increased by 75 mm, to a total of 1,020mm. Cab door space has also increased by 50mm.
      3This makes the 906D cabin one of the widest in the industry
      4TOPS approved.
  • Operating environment
      1Powerful standard A/C
      2Number of air outlets increased to seven
      3Enlarged cooling radiator improved by cooling capacity by 15% or more compared with CLG906C
      4The suspension seat can be adjusted to the operators comfort, and has great vibration dampening
      5Redesigned power supply module increased reliability
      6Add AUX IN Audio Jack
      7Added mini USB interface + data line.

  • Easy maintenance
      Rear and side covers open to access almost every major system clearly. This gives a lot of room for maintenance, which can all be performed from ground level.
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