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Pumping system specifications
Max.concrete output m3/h 170
Max. size aggregate mm 40
Max. concrete pressureL/H) MPa 10
Diesel engine power output kW/hp
RPM r/min
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 35
Loop closed
Main hydraulic pump model / A4VG
Main hydraulic pump displacement ml/r 180+180
Concrete cylinder bore & stroke mm Φ260×2100
Main hydraulic cylinder stroke mm 2100
Concrete valve type / S-Valve
High/Low pressure / High
Hydraulic tank capacity L 800
Hopper charging height mm ≤1540
Hopper capacity m3 0.7
Water tank capacity L 400
Concrete slump mm 80-230
Concrete pipeline bore mm Φ125
Boom system specifications
Max. vertical reach m 63
Max. horizontal reach m 58.1
Max. pumping depth m 42.6
Boom control modes / Manualwire and wireless remote control are all available
Boom unfolding type / 6RZ type
Boom unfolding height mm 15000
Boom unfolding angle (°) 90/180/180/240/220/110
Section lenght mm 11450/9200/8750/10900/6760/4350
Slewing range (°) ±335
Outrigger longitudinal span mm 12496
Front outriggers transverse span mm 9416
Rear outriggers transverse span mm 12362
End hose length m 3
Chassis system specifications
Chassis model / ACTROS5041
Driving type / 10*4
Wheelbase mm 2020+4280+1350
Chassis engine power kW/hp 300/408
Emission stage Euro
Running speed km/h ≤85
Min.turnning radius m 12.95
Approach & Departure angle (°) 22.6/10.2
Tyre type / 315/80R22.5
Total truck weight kg 53000
Outline dimension(L*W*H) mm 15650x2500x4000
      Computer-controlled power matching technology, optimizes match of power and operating conditions leading to a 10% decline in fuel consumption.
      6 sections RZ type fold design. Wide range reach. More flexible.  
      Big bore concrete cylinder and streamlined hopper maximize concrete feeding efficiency.
      Maintenance free hydraulic valves from Rexroth and Vickers, World class components used for key systems.
      Block grease distributor ensures lubricating points get proper amount of grease.
      Automatic piston retraction makes maintenance easy, convenient placement of key maintenance points.
      V-shaped waterproof hydraulic seals prevent the hydraulic oil from being emulsified.
      Remote, cable and Local control modes for convenience featuring emergency stop for greater safety. 
      Comprehensive error monitoring system with alerts to wireless remote for real-time monitoring.
      GPS monitoring allows data and position monitoring from remote locations.
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